One night in Bangkok………..

26 Feb

One night in Bangkok………………you know the song aye?  Well anyway, arrived in Bangkok last night. My god a change in temperature from Korea, the gloves, woolly hat, bath houses have given away to singlets, jandals and cold showers.

Arrived last night, walked around Kao San road (a touristy area with heaps of cheap hotels) just before midnight looking for a hotel room.  Found the cheapest one, and obviously you get what you pay for. Back into backpacker mode now we our out of Korea, no ensuite, no air con, no towels, no fridge in site here. Our room last night was bare bones, a shared bathroom and fan -which is the norm for cheap accommo- no toilet paper, no towels, no sheets, it was literally just a bed -with a concrete mattress- in a room. But there was a complimentary alarm clock thrown in, the jack hammer on the neighbouring construction site right by our heads, haha, classic times, makes you appreciate the nice hotel we had in Korea.

So what now, not too sure. Still undecided as what to do, we bought the trusty old Lonely Planet at the airport, so will have a flick through and see what takes our fancy. Check out Bangkok for a couple of days, then maybe head up north, do some trekking, then head back down south to the islands and try to find somewhere to set-up shop.

Thats it, just thought I would let you know mum that I’m all save and sound in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nuthing But Love Hap

PS, If the spelling and grammar in my posts is worse than usual it’s becasue time is of the essence and Thailand awaits. I would hate to spend all my time in Thailand in an internet cafe.

2 Responses to “One night in Bangkok………..”

  1. crystal edge at 6:51 am #

    you two are pretty hard core…I cannot imagine how Johne and I would fare in a backpacker’s digs. My guess is, probably not well! Let us know when you set up shop, as there might be enough bonus to stretch all the way to Thailand after all. I’m hoping!!!!!!

    • Hap at 1:54 pm #

      You guys would love it. Mandy and i just arrived in Kao Tal, an island, good times, chilled vibes, beer, music, good people. Will let you know when we find our place we will call home. love to la familia.

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