Korean Bath House Photo Tour

25 Feb

 After my previous post entitled wet naked men, I thought it best I add to this before you think I’m weirdier than I already am.  So I snuck my camera into the bath house where Mandy and I slept the night, wait for it, I was an undercover “Haparazzi” hehe.

So he goes my photo tour of the korean bath house.

The bath house plays a big role in Korean life, they are located everywhere and are usually open 24 hours.  It is a place where you go to relax after work, to get away from the troubles of the day, or an outing for the family or a place for friends to meet, or a place to sleep the night. All for the great price of $8.

The photo below is of the males bath house which contains numerous pools and saunas of varying temperatures and healing properties. Usually it is full of naked men, but I took this photo on a Monday night at 11pm when it was quiet.


After showering and bathing, you then don your styly pyjamas they give you, and can go into the unisex meeting area where you can sleep, talk, read a book, play a video game. In this area there are different types of hot rooms, an internet cafe, TV rooms, singing rooms, smoking rooms, a gym, an indoor pool and a restaurant.


If all this relaxing is too much, then you can go sit down for a beer! (You can see my old apartment building where I use to live in the background).


You can also get stoned. They have various hot rooms with differing kinds of flooring, this particular one had perfect circular heated round stones.


Mandy and some old Korean dude enjoying the massage chairs. NO boys, the chairs do not give happy endings.


If you want to catch up on the latest Korean soap, there are plenty of TV rooms, just pull up some floor space.


When your finished doing all this, you can find your own piece of real estate on the floor and set up camp for the night. Just make sure you don’t set up beside a snorer, as last night I had to unleash a few pillows at the vacuum cleaning whale beside us.



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