Arrived in Korea

14 Feb

Arrived in Korea 4 hours ago, 8.15am, 1 degree celcius, a welcome temperature change from the humidity of Singapore.

Was a bit of a mission finding out where to go, all my mates had there phones turned off, so ended up up having to get Beno (groom to be) to direct me to where all the boys were staying. By the way, this is quite hard, as in Korea theres no such thing as an address as theres no street signs etc, just alley ways and lots of neon lights and signs. So you have to give the person the closest land mark and after that its “take first right, second alley after poilice station blah blah”.

Finally tracked down the hotel, which is also harder than it sounds, as its located where there are heaps of hotels. We are staying in what they call “love hotels”, which are usually hired out by the hour, by young couples who live at home (only move out when your married) and need a place to spend some “quality time” with their their loved one, or it’s a place where the married man takes his mistress. But they are by far the cheapest option accomodation wise

Was quite funny, I walk into the tiny little room, turn the light on, clothes strewn everywhere, 3 grown guys fully clothed squeezed onto a small double bed and one body amongst the clothes on the floor. I tried to get everyone up, but my enthusiam was lost on them. Due to there being no windows in the room, they also didn’t believe me that it was 11.30am. It looked like it had been a big night of catching up and reuniting after a long time apart. Or maybe they were just having a warm-up for the stag do (bucks party) which is kicking off tomorrw and going all day Sunday.

So now its 12.30, I have spent enough time on the computer and will got back and get them up.

Sorry, this was only meant to be a post saying I had arrived in Korea, now look where my ramblings have have taken me. I think I might go to the jimshilbang, which is the Korean bath house, I have been hanging out for this since I left 5 years ago.

Nuthin but love Hap

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