Singapore stopover

13 Feb

Howdy folks,

I’ currently at Changi Airport in Singapore making the most of their 15 minute free internet they give you. Great airport, two thumbs up Singapore.

It’s my second time to Singapore, as when I left Canada last time I wasn’t allowd to transit in the US after my dealings with immigration there so had to come all the way through Asia.


So, my thoughts on Singapore. One word for me describes it, manicured. Everythingis manicured, from the people to the streets to the trees to the fake beaches. Theres no rubbish on the ground, not even leaves, it is if there is somebody waiting for with a dust pan as soon as the leaves drop from the trees.

There seems to be no pulse, when I walked the streets, it is if I had earmuffs on, there was no noise, for the number of cars, there was no horn blowing, no shouting, something that is as common as rice in Asian countries.  Everything seems so organised, the cars are like marching ants, as if they have been rehearsing.


For me its a textbook made city, a something of a pleasentsville.  Obviously not a destinaion targeted to my knid of traveller, more so targeted to the businessman, the high-end shopper, for which it serves its purpose wonderfully.

Wah Wah wah, enough of my critcising travel report, all I really did there was paint of picture of myself as being a dirty hippy that loves rubbish and anarchy.


So, on a warm fuzzy note.  Arrived in Singapore this morning at 5.15am, went into town on a free guided shuttle bus hosted by a Transsexual -somebody trying to warm me up for Thailand- and wandered around town. By the way, Singapore has done a great job at setting up infrastructure for the stop-over traveler, a definite thumbs up for me.


I had breakfast in little India, its was great, wicked to be back in the unknown, the slight cultural changes, eg at the local little side-road cafe I ordered a banana pancake, and it got served with curry sauce, and I ate it while listening to the guys mp3 cell phone blearing out music that had me expecting a belly dancer any minute (didn’t evenuate) and breathing in his cigarette smoke. I loved it all, was great to be back amongst a different environment and watching life pass by on the streets of little India in Singapore.


OK, got to cut it short, have to go catch flight to Bangkok, where I have a 5 hour stop-over, then onto to Korea, pumped. 

Oh, and to prove that I’m not a dirty hippy despite all my ranting above, I just paid $7 for a shower at the airport, and I shaved (face), feeling a million bucks.

Nuthin but love Hap

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