Welcome Waimea Weekly Readers

22 Sep

G’day Waimea Weekly Readers,

If after reading the article in the Waimea Weekly about my goal to live and work in every continent of the world before I’m 30, Welcome.

I will take this chance to say what a great job the team do at the Waimea Weekly. Its great to come home to Richmond and read up on what’s been happening, they have created a real community feel – two thumbs up Waimea Weekly! But watch out for that AJ, I’m pretty sure he was hitting on me when he was interviewing me – haha, just kidding AJ mate.

I created my blog site to act as an on-the-road journal for myself. Also it allowed friends and family to keep track of my whereabouts.  Please feel free to browse the site and see where my goal has taken me over the past 5 years. 

If you want you can sign up on the right hand side and get updates sent straight to your email. But please be aware that my blog is not affiliated with anyone and the content is the independent and politically incorrect thoughts of myself – haha.

If you clicked on my blog to check out what I’m currently doing in Perth, Western Australia and want more information on the mining industry etc, click on the previous post links below:

Where am I working?

What is my job?

The harsh outback environment (flies and heat)

Photos from the remote Ripon Hills Exploration Camp

A day I would rather forget!

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to come again. Hope you enjoyed it, now get outside and go and enjoy that beautiful place that you know as Richmond and are lucky enough to call home!

Nuthin But Love Hap

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