Antarctica No Go

18 May

Found out the other week that I didn’t get the Antarctica job, cleaning at New Zealands Scott Base-You really have to look at yourself when you get turned down to clean toilets! hahaha. Nah, was pretty competitive, only had one opening and nearly 100 people applied.

So kinda sucked for Mandy my girlfriend who had been accepted to work at the American Mcmurdo base and had to refuse.  I tried everything to get “on the ice”, tried the American base (for obvious reasons didn’t get too far with that), tried getting behind the bar or cleaning at the New Zealand base, tried the Ozzie bases (was too late).  

But luckily I’m loving my job at the moment, its probably my favourite job since I started working the world, and the most I’ve ever been paid! So it gives me a chance to save some money, and sometime next year will take off for a couple of years and head around the world to knock some more continents off, but not until I have another crack at Antarctica.

So Mr Antaractica, we shall meet again next year, don’t melt in the mean time!

PS Big thumbs up to the friendly people at Antarctica New Zealand and the associated people I bugged.  Overseas customer service people could learn a lot from them, especially those people in American and Canadian immigration, oh and also the Canadian Tax dept. They were all so very helpful, especially considering I had nothing to offer them and was just another unsuccessful applicant. So heres a big thumbs up to them THUMBS UP!

2 Responses to “Antarctica No Go”

  1. Fi at 3:03 am #

    Ahh smaverage, sorry to hear you’re not heading to the ice just yet bro. My carnielike fingers are crossed for you for next time. Glad you’re still lovn the ozzie outback though xo

  2. Hap at 5:09 pm #

    yeah no worries about Antarctica, life and work all pretty sweet at the moment. I hope Korea is still cranking for you and your still loving the ddongjibs! Saw the photo of you in the animal suit, classic.
    nuthin but love hap

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