Colombia Backpacking and New Zealand Accident Photos

25 Mar


I have finally got around to putting up my Colombia photos from last year, where Mandy and I spent 6 weeks backpacking around that beautiful country.  So if you beleive what you see on that brain draining box known as a TV that Colombia is full of Cocaine crazed mafia thugs and rebels, please have a gander and see the real side of Colombia.

Also I have included photos from the weekend of my accident.  Some may find these photos pretty weird, theres no blood or bones, but it definitely catches the moment, and is quite chilling. I asked Jerm to take the photos as I remember when we were kids and I cut my knee open, that I wish we could of taken a photo of it.  But they act as a reminder to me of how lucky both Jarnia and I were.

Also you can click on the link on the right-hand side to see photos from my past 5 years of travel aswell.  I plan to get some photos up of OZ in the coming couple of months as well.

Colombia Backpacking Photos 

New Zealand Accident Photos


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