Australia Day

26 Feb

Us kiwi’s have a love hate relationship with our big brother neighbour Australia, and after that year of sport its more of a hate relationship (haha).  But its all in good fun,  us kiwis are not hell bent on telling people the first time we meet, that we are not Australian, unlike Joe Bloggs from Canada “Hi, I’m Joe, I’m not American” – its like mate, “I”m Hap, I’m not Mongolian” – no one cares.

Its a relationship built on banter, sporting rivalry, and sheep jokes (which are one way – like the sport last year). If an Ozzie is in New Zealand, its certain they are going to cop some flack, and vise versa if a kiwi is in Ozzie (there’s probably more Kiwi’s in OZ than in NZ). From our flags to our lifestyles, we are both pretty similar countries. The only thing different is Australian’s originated from convicts ;)(I had to have atleast one dig). 

“filling up” the car for Australia Day

 Jumping for joy, its Australia Day    Ozzie ozzie ozzie, oi oi oi! 

Ask a kiwi what their worst nightmare would be and somewhere in there they would say “Millions of drunk Ozzies painted in green and gold, Australian flags flying and they are chanting “Ozzie ozzie ozzie, Oi Oi Oi”!  Well that day was exactly one month ago (it’s not that bad, I’m just being a drama king).  26th of January is Australia Day. And I say, bloody good show Australia, apart from the need to dress up and hang your flag from every possible vantage point and need I comment on the chant. You thoroughly deserve to be congratulated. Us sheep shaggers in NZ, need to take a leaf out of the Australian Book, and for that matter Canada and America with their respective Canada Day and Independence Day (both are celebrations built on the same principles)

Australia Day is Australia’s biggest party, Perth where I was had 400,000 people turn out in the city to watch the fireworks.  The whole country has a public holiday which is dedicated to drinking, bbqing in the sun and meeting up for a massive party in the night.

In NZ we have Waitangi Day, the only memory of a Waitangi Day celebration I have is some tattooed Maori fella burning the flag, or maybe he spat on it, I can’t remember. Oh and I think someone threw an egg at the Queen when she visited on Waitangi Day.  

All the kiwi’s in London celebrate Waitangi Day, so why don’t we celebrate Waitangi Day in NZ? What more of an excuse do we need? Come on NZ, lets sort it out , we don’t need to get dress up in Black and chant “Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi, Oi, Oi, Oi”, we can just just say “Happy Waitangi Day Bro, cheers to that!”

I’m quite enjoying having my own blog, I can write what ever I want-the fact that no one reads it doesn’t matter. 

Midday celebrations Listening to Triple J

Anyway, what I set out to tell you about before I went on my burbbling tangent, was my Australia Day experience. It was a glorious Perth day, blue skies, sunshine. Everyone has an Australian Day party they go to, which starts before midday.  The Aussie tradition is that you listen to Triple J radio station who has a count down of the years top 100 songs that people have voted for. Triple J is an Australian wide radio station, and it makes appearances at Australia Day parties across the country.

We rocked up to the local park where there was a large gathering of different groups, bbqing, picnicing, playing cricket, and everyone had an “eskie” (chilli bins) of beers. Radios from all corners were playing triple J. It was great times, climaxing around 2pm when song number 1 of the year was played (not sure what that was). Then Mr Plod came and informed us of the alcohol ban, So it was back to the house for celebrating beside the pool. We spent the rest of the day frolicking in the sun and splashing in the pool with champagne. A bit of a walk to the beach, and before we knew it, we had missed the train to town, so it was down to the local beach bar to celebrate. 

Celebrating beside the pool Celebrating at the beach

 So reading that, it sounds like a bit of a blow out as we missed the fireworks downtown with the 400,000 strong crowd and the boats on the Swan River. But a great day was had. 

So NZ, next Waitangi Day, lets get a sheep-sitter for the sheep, get the family and friends out and celebrate like its our birthday!

Nuthin but love Hap

PS Does England or any those other UK countries have a celebration like this, or are you guys to busy complaining about the weather? 😉 And South Africa, I suppose you guys are too busy trying not to be a third world country to bother about celebrating. (OK lets not get too serious here, I’m just joking around, having a laugh).

PPS And Yes America we know you celebrate, why? Because in our country we have ‘International’ news that covers more than Iraq, it actually covers other countries! And for that far Northern state of America, I think its called Canada, we know you celebrate because the sale of Canadian flags increases 10 fold.

PPPS OK, my fellow Australians, Americans and Canadians, I’m just rarking you guys up, I love you all.

 PPPPS: NZ whats up with our flag? History and all the rest, i realise that, but come on, a black flag with a silver fern, atleast we could disguinish it? What ya reckon?

Ozzie or Kiwi flag? Ozzie or Kiwi flag?

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