Margaret River (Jerms Birthday)

21 Feb

With my job I fly out into the middle of nowhere for 2 weeks of work, then fly back to Perth for 1 week of R & R. This week just been I headed south of Perth for my week of R & R.

3 1/2 hours south of Perth is Margaret River which is known for its world class wine and surf. But it was for a different reason I was going down. It was my long time mate Jerms birthday, and considering I had been present at most of his birthday parties since he was 5 years old it would have been rude not to be there. My decision was also swayed by the fact I still haven’t got a house (move in end of month) and that half of my hometown Nelson were there for the week. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. A great place and great people.

Jimmy bringing the racus. Ngare and Norm in 70’s get up (norm close your legs!) hahaa

 Jerms birthday was celebrated in true fashion with a 70’s surf theme attached to the afternoon partying to add some colour. OOOhhhhhhh and colour it added! Shorter the shorts and whiter the thighs the better. And most of you who know me would not be surprised I ended up having a female theme to my outfit, with a bikini top being picked up from the Op shop that morning (I think I must have spent too much time playing in the dolls corner at Kindergarten).

Jerm’s B-day present, hahaha Hanging in the Val.

The day was spent hanging out in the back of the 70’s  Holden Valiant ute parked up in the middle of the backyard to add some character to the day. After night fell, the 20 strong crowd of 70’s surfers made there way to cut some shapes on the dance floor. Oblivious that when we entered the establishment no one was dressed up, just us, but it didn’t matter.

The 70’s chicks Ju’s and Jimmy chilling

The bouncer guy took offence to the skinny deadlocked guy on the dance-floor cutting shapes in a bikini top. So he grabbed the dread-locked guys hair thinking it was a wig, only to exclaim “its not a wig”, then the bikini top was ripped off, “there not real” and the dreadlocked guy was escorted out by his hair and told “we don’t like your type around here!” Much to the enjoyment of his onlooking friends.  So lesson learn – your better off going out topless, than wearing a bikini top.  There were more entertaining stories from the night, but its a family show.

 On the Monday, when everyone was surfing (I’m staying clear of surfing until the back is totally recovered, which is lucky as some big sets come through Marg’s) I checked out the wineries.  Lynsy, a friend from the Canadian Chapters had recently moved to Margaret River and is a bit of a wino. So it was great having Lynsy to educate me in the finer art of wine tasting (there’s actually more to it than getting free wine). There is no shortage of wineries in Margaret River, and there’s even a winery with my name on it, ‘Happs’ (well its spelt a bit differently).

me and Lynsy at Happs Pottery The boys off for a surf at Conto’s

Margaret River is a great little town, and is a definite must go place if your into wineries, surfing, or just plain relaxing. The good thing about the beaches is that they are atleast 20 minutes drive from the small town centre, and the access roads give your shocks a good work out. If your not into surfing you have to pick your beach carefully as some of the rips and waves are pretty knarly. So with these characteristics, it keeps away the crowds and development, allowing you to enjoy the rugged beauty with your mates and dolphins (both occasions I went to watch the boys surf they had dolphins hanging with them out the back).

Then it came Tuesday, time to leave the house that was bursting at the seams with 14 people. Jesse and I climbed in his 70’s Holden Kingswood wagon, and made the $70 (amount of petrol required to get the wagon back to Perth) trip back up to Perth with only the sweet spluttering roar of the economical engine to soothe our thoughts. 

Then it was that time again, Wednesday. Time to fly out to work.

2 Responses to “Margaret River (Jerms Birthday)”

  1. Sandy at 11:10 am #

    hey hap……. Thanks for including us in your blog thingie. I loved reading it so keep those chapters comiung great read. Loved the 70’s party felt like I was looking at pics of one of Bruce and my surf trips. Anyways must fly I am babysitting Connor and hes just starting singing out the old familar tune ugh.
    love ya heaps

  2. Hap at 10:46 pm #

    Cheers Sandy.

    I hope your still enjoying the joys of being a Grandmother. Gidday to Brucie for me.

    Nuthin but love hap

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